The most asked question we get asked is “Why has the tracking information just stopped with no movement for days?”

  • Answer , we ship from all over the world. Example : a parcel coming from Thailand to the UK would be shipped to China then to Hong Kong then to the Netherlands and then on to the UK, so this would be boarding 3 to 4 planes , there are no tracking points from getting on the first plane until it has cleared customs in the UK ,so it would seem that your parcel is not moving, added into this there are 3 to 4 customs checks which can cause delays at busy times of the year , even taking this into account our average delivery time for parcels from abroad is around 11 days, we do quote 2 to 30 days for deliveries,  we use this vague estimate because if customs decide to open and check your parcel this can delay deliveries, our customers are 100% covered for deliveries from click to delivery so you will never lose out if there is a lost/damaged/unwanted parcel etc.